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Company Profile

Trade name if Auto Service Co., Ltd.
Established June 15, 2010
Representative Masashi Mizutani,CEO
Capital 20 million yen
Offices if station Nagoya 2-7,Emukai,Ifuku,Sippou-cho,Ama-city,Aichi-prefecture 497-0005 Japan
TEL.052-442-1200 FAX.052-442-1202

if station Yokkaichi 6225,Chisyaku-cho,Yokkaichi-city,Mie-prefecture 512-1212 Japan
TEL.059-325-7196 FAX.059-325-7999
Businesses 1. Welfare vehicle rental
2. Welfare vehicle leasing
3. Welfare vehicle sales
4. Automobile maintenance
5. Other welfare vehicle related businesses
All-Japan Rent-a-Car Association
Air Autoclub
Japan Auto Appraisal Institute
Japan Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle Association
Japan Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle Future Research Association
Independent Insurance Agents of Aichi
Independent Insurance Agents of Mie
Welfare vehicle handler license
Welfare vehicle coordinator
Car rental advisor
Car life advisor
Auto mechanic grade 2,3
Motor vehicle inspector
Automotive Appraiser
Fujicon installation certified officer

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